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What to Cook This Week

What to Cook This Week

I’m back from a bit of a blogging hibernation. Here in the Pacific Northwest winter is hanging on… Every morning I wake up thinking today will be the day when I can dress a bit lighter. Maybe I can ditch my boots. But no, I am still wearing winter clothes and dreaming about warmer temperatures. For me changing both my wardrobe and cooking ingredients are integral that a new season is here and the psychological relief it brings is significant.

On the bright side, while we know we can’t control the weather, we can at least take charge of what we are cooking and eating. So let’s change it up in the kitchen and cook like it is spring anyway. These three reposts should get you in the mood (click on their bold title or the picture for the link to the post and recipe.) And so will the new asparagus recipe coming your way next week.

Fresh Fish Tacos

Roast Rack of Lamb with Fresh Mint Vinaigrette

Spring Greens with Chicken and Lemon Thyme Vinaigrette

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