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What to Cook Memorial Day Weekend

What to Cook Memorial Day Weekend


Whatever you may be doing this Memorial Day weekend, here are five main dish recipes for centering your meal. If you’re in the mood for something lighter, go for Chipotle Chop Salad. Looking for a way to use rhubarb that’s not just a sweet dessert, it’s Pan Seared Chicken with Rhubarb Thyme Sauce. Copper River Salmon – ah yes…expensive – has just hit the market so splurge a little and cook it my favorite way grilled on a cedar plank and finished with Beaurre Blanc (white butter) sauce. Or if you’re lucky enough to score some spot prawns, one of my favorite ways to enjoy them than is this recipe for Prawn and Roasted Red Pepper Linguine. And Thai Style Pork Skewers With Peanut Sauce does some of the work ahead of time by marinating, making it easier at the last minute to pull together.

Let me know what you end up cooking – I love hearing from you!

 Memorial Day Weekend Recipe Ideas


Chipotle Chop Salad


Pan Seared Chicken With Rhubarb Thyme Sauce


Grilled Cedar Plank Salmon with Beurre Blanc (White Butter) Sauce


Prawn and Roasted Red Pepper Linguine


Thai Style Pork Tenderloin Skewers with Peanut Sauce

4 thoughts on “What to Cook Memorial Day Weekend”

  • Your recipes always put me in the mood to do some cooking. All of these are a “must try”.
    Hope you have a great weekend. Love to the family.


    • I am glad to be inspiring you, Cathy. We are all well here and I hope you are too! Have a great weekend.

  • Thank you Linda, I can find a reason to make all of these, delicious! I’m quite certain we will be having some of that amazing Copper River Salmon this weekend 🙂

    • I always love hearing from you Christina, and I can’t wait to have some Copper River Salmon too.

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