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The Crimson Spoon Cookbook

The Crimson Spoon Cookbook


It’s been simmering for over a year, but what’s cooking in the Palouse is done and ready to go. The Crimson Spoon, Plating regional Cuisine on the Palouse by Jamie Callison is here.

Co-authoring this cookbook was a dream project for me. My role was to test Jamie’s recipes and write them in a format to be easy to follow for the home cook, as well as collaborating with him to write many of the special interest stories in the book. My association as an alumna of Washington State University made co-authoring this cookbook even more meaningful to me. It was the classes I took at WSU that introduced me to my passion for researching, developing and testing recipes in a test kitchen.

The cookbook features over 100 of Jamie’s recipes from Crimson Fire Jalapeno Poppers, Beluga Lentil and Cougar Gold Cheese Salad to Mulligatawny Soup and Coconut Shortcakes with Ginger Infused Peaches. Just in time for Thanksgiving you will not want to miss his recipe for Better Than Thanksgiving Savory Muffins.

Jamie uniquely has access to what he refers to as a “chef’s playground” of resources -Wagyu beef, Cougar Gold cheese, garbanzo beans and lentils and an organic farm to name a few, and all produced at Washington State University where he is the executive chef for the school of hospitality business management.

The Crimson Spoon is more than just a cookbook. Stories about Jamie’s unusual path to becoming a chef, demystifying Sous-vide cooking and the many local ingredients including honey, Rainier cherries and durum flour all make for interesting reading. Brilliant color photographs of the Palouse countryside, the finished recipes and Jamie with his students in his kitchen make the book beautiful to look at as well.

See a sample of the book here: http://magazine.wsu.edu/CB/Crimson-Spoon/index.html

The process of writing a cookbook is a huge undertaking and a team effort of many people. A highlight for me was doing the recipe food styling with the very talented photographer EJ Armstrong. Of special note is Alicia Namacher who was the design genius behind the creative layout of the book. The detail oriented Holly Dawkins and Kerry Darnall of WSU Publications oversaw the editing process.

You can order the cookbook online through WSU publications (http://crimsonspoon.wsu.edu) and Amazon and you can find it in many stores in Seattle and Washington.



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