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Last Minute Lamb

Last Minute Lamb


Herb Roasted Butterflied Leg Of Lamb (first posted April 1, 2012)  


Roast Rack of Lamb with Fresh Mint Vinaigrette (first posted April 25, 2011)

Many people have their favorite way to prepare lamb this time of year. But in case you don’t and you haven’t seen my lamb posts from a few years back or you’re like me and sometimes wait until just a few days before your event to decide how to prepare something… I am reposting two of my favorites. The butterflied leg of lamb works well for a larger group and the rack of lamb for a smaller gathering.

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  • Making marinade now! Hey do you have a good recipe for tuscan paste e ceci soup??? Jane Lewis and I ate so much of it while in Italy, and I want to re-create!

    • Hmmm… I do not have one first hand. I’d recommend checking Marcella Hazan’s Italian Classics cookbook.

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