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How Long Do You Sit Down?

How Long Do You Sit Down?


A quick sit down for dinner is better than none, although I’m always hoping for but don’t always get 30 minutes for a weekday meal. Scattered in many directions during the day, this is the one time we return home to share our day together. It’s a ritual I insisted on from the beginning of raising our kids. So I took interest in the recent Wall Street Journal article Does Dinner Count If It’s Really, Really Quick? and wanted to share it:


The article touches on many interesting aspects of the family dinner hour like playing the games “Roses and Thorns” to share the days high and low points or serving dinner in courses to make it more appealing for younger children. One of the most compelling parts to me was the list of child development benefits of sitting down to eat dinner together:

  • Better grades
  • Healthier body weight
  • Lower rates of cigarette and alcohol use
  • Stronger relationships with parents
  • Better overall health

What do you think? How much time do you take to sit down? To prepare dinner? Michael Pollan’s book Cooked references that the average person spends 27 minutes cooking a meal and four minutes cleaning it up.

I’d love to hear your comments. Especially now that Fall is here and we are back to a more regular dinner routine.

I also went to the International Food Bloggers Conference in Seattle this weekend and look forward to sharing with you some of the interesting things I learned in the coming weeks, as well as new recipes I have been working on.

2 thoughts on “How Long Do You Sit Down?”

  • Years ago, when I was raising my kid, we always came together for dinner; it was a time for each family member to share what happened during the day – good and bad. I am sad to see that special time disappear in families of today. There appears to be families now who never sit and talk together. A bunch of strangers living under the same roof does not a family make. Hope more families wake up to what they are missing by not taking the time to sit down together once a day and get to know and understand each other better. Off my soap box now! Thanks for bring the subject up Linda. My husband and I still have dinner together most nights – help with the dishes is another thing!

    • Thanks for your comment, JoAnne. My hope in writing my blog and sharing recipes is really to encourage family dinner table time. I am optimistic when I read that over half of families eat dinner together at least five night a week according to this article.

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