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3 Asparagus Dinners to try this Spring

3 Asparagus Dinners to try this Spring


As unsure as spring weather can be, the arrival of fresh seasonal asparagus is something I can count on. It receives a warm welcome in my kitchen following several months of cooking Brussels sprouts, cabbage, butternut squash and kale in as many different ways as possible to keep them interesting. We know asparagus holds it’s own as a side dish, but I’m partial to it as an ingredient in one dish recipes. Here are three of my favorites asparagus dinner recipes for you to try this spring.

Cheers to Spring!

My favorite 3 asparagus dinners 

Asparagus & Arugula Chicken Bowl (first posted April 2015)


Roasted Asparagus Orzo (first posted May 2014)


Chicken and Asparagus Pasta (first posted May 2011)


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