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About A Year at the Table

About A Year at the Table

“Food is life, good food is good life.”

Linda About MeI’ve always approached making dinner by planning it around a main dish and I follow the seasons to guide me in choosing the ingredients and cooking method. Summer is marinating, grilling and salads. Roasting and simmering are more for winter. Fresh tomatoes, corn and berries are for summer. For winter, ingredients like brussels sprouts, butternut squash, pasta and grains. Of course there are exceptions, we’ve all craved something out of its season!

My education at a Paris based cooking school and my undergraduate degree, combined with my work experience as a food consultant, gave me my expertise in cooking and recipe development. But honestly, it’s the many years of making dinner for my family that gave me an understanding of the kind of recipes that work for making dinner at home.

I believe in simplicity in cooking and will do all that I can to make recipes uncomplicated and easy. I keep recipe ingredients to the most minimal and the instructions as simple as possible. All recipes are developed and tested by me unless otherwise noted. I also do the food photography.

My goal is simple – to inspire you to cook at home. Your meals will be healthier and less expensive than eating in a restaurant or getting take out. But here’s the real silver lining, the satisfaction of producing something from start to finish, then sitting down with your family or friends to enjoy it. It’s one of life’s true simple pleasures.

I’m just trying to save the world one recipe at a time.



Living in France showed me the importance of eating whole food according to the seasons. My Mom and Dad’s Mid-West family roots taught me the value of sitting down to eat dinner together.

I set out to study photography in college, but after an assignment for our school newspaper to take a picture of a deadly bomb incident, I realized I was not cut out for photo journalism. Coincidentally that summer I worked for an Italian restaurant in Seattle and changed my studies to food and nutrition at the agriculture based Washington State University.

I worked as an account executive for a food publicity agency right out of college, just long enough to know I wanted to be on the kitchen side of things. Then I won a scholarship from Julia Child to study cooking in France landing me at La Varenne in Paris. Being awarded a scholarship from one of the most admired and celebrated food figures in history was a tremendous honor for me and her wisdom, good sense of humor and practicality in the kitchen have mentored me all of my professional and personal life.

As a Seattle based freelance food consultant I’ve worked as a caterer, chef, recipe developer and writer for food companies, publications and restaurants and as a culinary instructor for many Seattle based cooking schools, among them: Sur La Table, The Seattle Culinary Academy, Pasta & Co., La Panzanella Crackers, Metropolitan Market, Columbia Winery, Darigold and The Northwest Table.