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Of all the meals we eat everyday dinner is special. Scattered in many directions this is the one time of day we are most likely to return home and share a meal together. It’s also the meal we need the most ideas and inspiration for cooking.

My name is Linda Burner Augustine and I’m really happy to share my dinner recipes with you, all which have been eaten many times over by my family and friends and developed and tested by me unless otherwise noted.

My philosophy is to keep your daily dinner cooking seasonal and to use the freshest ingredients. Most importantly take time to sit down and eat dinner together at the table.

While I do cook dinner as a necessity I like to think of it more positively as a simple pleasure that keeps us connected and contributes to our well-being and humanity.

I try to use the fewest whole ingredients necessary for a recipe to taste good. In general my recipes don’t use pre-made ingredients, but I do have exceptions if I think it will not compromise the overall quality and flavor of the recipe.

You can find my recipes listed all together under the recipe tab, you can also find them categorized by each season by hovering over the four header pictures.

After all, “Food is life, good food is good life.”

About Linda Augustine

About Me

Living in France showed me the importance of eating whole food according to the seasons. My Mom and Dad’s Mid-West family roots taught me the value of sitting down to eat dinner together. And together with my husband, raising our children while I worked part time meant I had to combine these in real life.

I grew up thinking I would be a photographer. But a chance summer job working in a restaurant changed that. So instead of studying photography in college I studied how to develop recipes through food preparation, nutrition and science classes at Washington State University.

After graduating I worked in food public relations just long enough to know I wanted to be on the recipe development side and not the account executive end of the food business.

Back to school I went to study culinary arts. It was during this time I won a scholarship from Julia Child to study cooking in France at the Paris based cooking school La Varenne.

In my Seattle based business as a food consultant I’ve worked as a caterer, recipe developer for food companies and restaurants and I’ve taught cooking classes.

But if I connect the dots backward it was all pointing me in the direction of teaching and writing recipes.

And this is what I love to do and why I write this blog.